Brooklyn is not just 'another chapter' of New York City, but rather an entire book in its own right. Its charismatic neighborhoods are a source of inspiration for the creative mind. Authors, filmmakers, musicians and artists of all types have settled here over time, often integrating its history and culture with their craft, and eventually calling it 'home'.

Myself, I settled down here by accident and realized it was the kind of energy I had been looking for. As a photographer, I was especially inspired by the cinematic air on the streets, and the colors and shadows of night. Shortly upon my arrival, I stumbled upon a neighborhood whose industrial and seemingly-abandoned aesthetics I found to be charming. Long, concrete walls laced with urban poetry, questionable abstractions and tasteful stencil work are transformed into outdoor art galleries.

A clear indication of a community whose approach I grew fond of very quickly: their vitality, non-conforming and organic lifestyle with no particular rules, schedules, or dress code, simple people eager to contribute to their community.